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     Albert Einstein German origin, a physicist, a Swiss national, best known for his theory of relativity .. Born to Jewish parents but studied at a Catholic school and grew up Raboubia (recognizes the existence of God, but it is believed that the invention of the human religions). 

Not a candidate for entering the university he worked in the patent office in Basel even surprised the world to publish his theory of special relativity, general relativity in 1905 and then in 1916 .. and because of his Jewish origin subjected to harassment of the Nazi Party and fled to America during World War II and died there in 1955. 

Although most of us do not know anything about the "relative" but that Einstein's name has become synonymous with intelligence and genius and parallel to the stars of world cinema - and turning his face and curly hair backcombed into a trademark in the United States .. 

In my personal opinion, exceeded his theory of relativity in physics (and the circumstances of time and place) and turned into a "concept" includes all aspects of life .. become a "relative" from beyond concept philosophically can be withdrawn on the thoughts, feelings, events and beliefs and natural phenomena, so that is no longer stable and sticks to change only the idea Relative same .. 

Thanks to my readings about this old man gradually discovered that (not only the world of physics and mathematics) and even a wise philosopher looks beyond the nose and rises above all the small ideas .. 

A few days ago found by accident on the set of his statements at the site of the beautiful Stanford University (rescomp.stanford.edu) so I decided to participation without hesitation .. which statements can also be found through the introduction of these two words in the Google Einstein Quotes 

Citations .. and that I liked: 

- Two things that do not Nhaúaan: the universe and human stupidity; For the fact that I'm still not sure. 

- The problems that exist in the world today do not solve the minds created. 

- Every measure it by our own science reality primitive and childish, but it is the most precious thing we have. 

- All our calculations we call it a mistake coincidence (and sometimes Ndmah the miracle box). 

- The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources. 

- Make you live the present policy, the equations Vtgalk live forever. 

- Require tens of fools to make things harder and more complex and ingenious one to make it simpler and easier. 

- Creative minds always face opposition from the Mediterranean intelligence. 

- Science is not only to rearrange your thinking daily. 

- Human life begins when can life outside himself. 

- God created the universe according to the laws do not recognize the accidental or random. 

- Bee disappear when the human race will disappear (being responsible for the pollination of food crops). 

- What concerns me more than the past is the future, where I intend to live in it. 

- Is the most beautiful sense of mystery, it's a source of art and science. 

- The truth is what proves before the exam experience. 

- There are only two ways to live: to see everything in a miracle, or do not see anything in the miracle. 

- The man who made ​​no mistake never tried anything new. 

- Imagination is more important than knowledge. 

- Despite the fact the relative viability. 

- The weapon that Snstamlh in World War IV will be sticks and stones. 

- The biggest problem is a perfect target and the ambiguity of the means (and this applies to us more in Saudi Arabia). 

- Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind. 

- A miracle that curiosity survives formal education from prison. 

- No concerns you the secret of genius is important not to stop the question. 

- Culture is what remains after that forget everything you learned in school. 

- Insanity is to do the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. 

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Arab story: Physiognomy
Arab history abounds with many stories of insight and business acumen and intelligence, and the story of the most famous stories physiognomy Arabic, and is the story of the children, "Nizar bin contagious bin Adnan" with the king of Najran "Jerhma Snake," and "Nizar bin contagious" is seriously eighteenth the Messenger of Allah, and the rise attributed to Ismail bin Ibrahim peace be upon them, and the sons of "Nazar" are four of the males, they are harmful (which descendants of the Messenger of Allah) and Iyad and Rabia and Tigers, have occurred to them this story is as 

Stories of physiognomy and intelligence in Arab history 

As I attended their father "Nazar" called his sons to death Iusihm 

He called Eyada and has ongoing Hmtae (which whites mixer head Swadh) and said: This ongoing Crone and what you Ohbbha 
He called in a Onamara Council has said: This Badra and the Council and you Ashbhama 
He called Rabia ropes and gave him black hair and said: This is what you liken 
And gave the harmful red dome and said: This is what you liken 

Then he said, though confused you something, they brought "Snake bin Snake Jerhma" (The King of Najran at the time), and when he died, "Nazar" rode Ruahlhm intending "Snake" behest of their father, when they were from Najran at a distance of day if they impact camel (camels) 

Iyad said: It's one-eyed (see with one eye) 
Tigers, said: It is a tailless (lump-tailed) 
Rabia said: It is a visit (lame italic body) 
Mudar said: It does not stray to settle (runaway nomad on his face) 

Did not even Albthoa passengers came to them, and connect when he said: Have you ever seen a stray camel Fosvoh has also provided (one-eyed, disabled, Azure, stray) 
The passenger said: This is a kind described, where Bairy? They said: Maroenah 
He said: You are the owners of Bairy, and called him something of Okhtitm 

Vokmilo going to Ihtkmoa to the opinion of the king, and when the door Onajua Snake and Ostaznoh and authorized them shouted the man at the door, he called him "Snake" and told him what you say this? 
He said: O king, they went Bbaara asked them about the snake would Vobroh 

Iyad said: Myderak he eyed? He said: I saw the hay may sense of incision and the other part galore (eating grass on the one hand without the other) 
The Tigers said: I saw him throw Baara society if hirsute Massa to him I knew he tailless (dung Mottagmaa come out and not scattered right and left) 
Rabia said: the impact of one of his hands steady while the other is corrupt and I discovered that I visit 
Mudar said: I saw the apartment takes care of the ground and then went beyond that Wimmer soft Elo not erode something from him I knew he Sherrod 

Snake said: truthful, and not Bosahabk Valtms Baark man 
Snake then asked them about their parentage told him, welcomed them and greeted them, and then it told their story of their father, he said to them: How do you need and what you see? They said: Father commanded us to do so, he ordered the Custodian of Dar destinations to improve their hospitality and frequently resting place, and ordered him to Iltzmanm summer and preserves their words 
Gave them "Alqherman" Bchd (Honey) Vokloh, they said, what we have seen witnessed the best of it and do not fresher 

Iyad said: do not you believe to be important in the bee Jabbar 
Then came to them with a lamb roast, and Vokloha Asttaboha, said Tigers: do not you believe it to feed his dog milk 
Then, they had a drink Fasthassanoh, said Rabia: not for the vine grew on the tomb 
Then they said: What we saw houses Akram villages nor the most fertile nomads of the King 
Mudar said: you believe it not for his father, he is!!!!!!!!!! 

He went to the boy, "Snake" told him everything that he hears, which house them, went in "Snake" to his mother and said: You need not be sworn Takbrenna from Dad??? 
She said: You "Snake" king's son, Elder, said Tsedkinni really, when she insisted upon any built: The snake was an old man had a heavier, was afraid to come out of this is for the people of this house, and we had a young man from the sons of kings, you included it 

Then sent to "Alqherman" he said: Tell me about Shahad submitted to Alinver what these speeches? 
He said: I asked the owner of the farm that has come to me my best honey He toured all apiaries did not find this best of honey, but the bees and put it in the skull in a cave, I found it did not see them like never Vkdmth 
He said: These are the Shah? He said: I am sent to the sponsor that comes to me Basmn sheep with him, so he sent her and asked her, he said: It's the first thing that was born out of my sheep died and her mother breastfeeds onsite shall ipso facto bitch did not find them in like sheep immediately sent out 
Then sent to the owner and asked him for a drink like wine, he said: vine is planted on the grave of your father is not in the Arab countries, such as her drink 
Snake Fjb of folk, then brought them and asked them about their father's commandment 

Iyad said: make me a maid Hmtae and the like, said Snake: he left the sheep to purchase (by some white spots intermingling of color) and you are the servants of Raaaha 
The Tigers said: to make the Badra and his council and the like, he said: you Martk of tenderness and the Earth 
Rabia said: make me ropes Suda and the like, said their son left the father of horses (black) and a weapon are you from and what her loyal (she Arabs then Rabia Persians) 
Mudar said: make me a red dome and the like, said the father left the red volleys are you (Arabs said afterwards harmful red) 

And what gave them the most honorable and, then Rahlo him. 

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birds kinds :  in the Arabian Peninsula 

- Arab Woodpecker 
English Name: Arabian Woodpecker 
Scientific name: Dendrocopos dorae 

Of endangered birds 
The only type of bird woodpecker, which was spotted in the south-west of Saudi Arabia in the 
mountain forests, specifically in the protected cliff rosette in Abha and also was spotted in Yemen.
Juniper trees taken from his home, where he works inside the nest chiseled beak that is used to 

Feeds on insects with the assistance of the long tongue that looks like a worm 

Assisted tail harsh attached to trees 

The female lays 3-8 eggs in the nest wooden engraved 

English name: Houbara Bustard 
Scientific name: Chlamydotis (undulata) macqueenii 

Bustard birds live across thousands of kilometers in several countries. The remains of some bustard throughout the year, but most of them spend the winter on the thousands of kilometers from breeding areas. Eat vegetarian food from the existing Oalehioana they eat plants and hunt small vertebrates and invertebrates, such as lizards and small rodents. 
The bustard Alhabro or as it is called in the countries of Africa exhibition of extinction due to excessive hunting him. 
The subject now bustard bird in captivity in order to protect this kind of extinction, and established the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates and has established reserves bodies affairs of the province of this bird and propagation and re-launch her ​​brood to live life in the desert. 

There are 32 species of them in the world, and Africa, the largest share where there are 23 species most famous bustard Alobeih color pale and bustard Asian yellowish sandstone, and bustard African slant to the darkening is characterized by male debris large in size and beauty of its feathers neck gray with a black line on both sides and the head light brown surmounted by a crown of white feathers and black and male features blades strong on his neck called locally dominated live bustard singly or in factions small but dispersed in pairs in the spawning season roam vast distances up to 5 km, and the flight of the following do not need to water but hesitate to areas where there is water in the evening. 
Bustard spend most of her time not to walk it from birds capable of flying and flying very quickly especially if licked danger. 
The most bustard movements in their local environment, for example, the great bustard bird in Europe, migration from their breeding places to face the harsh winter weather. 
And migrates Houbara Bustard Aldnham and Arab in the north-central and west Africa towards the north in the month of June each year to breed, and then back to the south in October. 
Similarly, the Asian species known as the Houbara Almaqueeni migrate from the land on which the intermarried in the countries of the former Soviet Union, China and some parts of Mongolia, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq and the Arabian Peninsula. 

Fed bustard on what you find in the environment around them, and dealing with bustard different types of plants (such as seeds, fruits and dry leaves plant) and feed also on invertebrates (Kalkhnavs and locusts and scorpions) and also feed on small vertebrates such as (lizards) and small rodents and chicks of birds nesting on the ground. 
Bustard and focus on the essential proteins for food before immigration to help cut large distances, 
depending on the fat stored in the body   

King Vultures: imperial impunity east 

English name: 
Imperial Eagle: Eastern Imperial Eagle 

Scientific Name: Aquila heliaca 

Common passage migrant, Mach, Winter visitor 

Geographical distribution and environment: west and south-west Europe. Live forests, plains or land simplified 

Size: 70-83 cm 
The mating season: mid-February to May 

Nest: a large building of large and small twigs. Lined with grass and fur 
Eggs: 2-3 eggs with pale white color. 
Incubation period: 43 days. 

Food: Small mammals, birds and animals can eat non-rotting dead 
jjIn the winter migrates to Africa, India and China 

English name: Lappet-faced Vulture: Nubian Vulture 
Scientific name: Torgos tracheliotos 

The only type of resident eagles in the Arabian Peninsula 

Bald head pink color tends to red 

The size of the meter to meter and 15 cm 
The wings of two and a half 
Weight of 6.7 kg each arrived at 10 cm 

Subsists on animal carcasses have been attacking the young and the faint animals have attacked some bird's nest 

Live in small groups and are not social 

Put their nests on trees 
Bleaching the female egg and the only one 

7-week incubation period 
Little remains in the nest for approximately one year with that he starts to leave the nest after 4 months, but it remains dependent on parents 
Be able to reproduce at the age of 4-5 years 

Arabic story: the story of generosity and parsimony 

The story of generosity and parsimony rumored long time ago, that a man from the Arabs rode his camel (camel) and traveled to his family, after a visit to one of his relatives, and on his way to his family, intensified by hunger, thirst, forced to get off at the tent (the house of people of the desert ) passed by on his way, Vostqublth woman welcomed, and his guest at the incision (place) men, and then brought him food and returned to the incision women, and at the end away from the food, he heard the dialogue that took place between the woman and her husband who returned from the pasture :: you dialogue: pair : Where is my food? Almrah: Guest has paid rich food introduced his spouse: Woe to progressive Otsenain my food to the guests? And took the pair quarreled with his wife because of the guest, he took away his camel (camel) and completed his ....... After Distance is not Tawila .. felt tent (house people of the desert) then stopped so that relaxes and tells thirst .... Faqabelth married homeowner generally ugly ... did not welcome him .. and said to him: we do not have enough food for the guests .. we do not welcome guests. When he wanted to leave the visitors could have heard the voice of the owner of the house .. as he addressed the woman from next .....? She said the wife .. It is a guest. So the owner of the tent (the house of the desert people) and welcomed him and insert it into the tent and then taken away and slaughtered Rahalt. And visitors in the confused??!!! .. And is the owner of the tent that his wife cooks Rahalt guest (the camel) after slaughter and uncut ... and at the end of cooking .. feet homeowner food to the guest ... and after the end of the visitors from the food is the owner House sponsor .. sucker herd that comes in front of the tent, and said to the guest CHANGE Two of the herd rather than Baark which Zbhnah you ... instead he took away from his camel herd Two of the best .. and before completing his guest, said what happened to his camels him .. He said: I've been through the people of the house before you Votceft woman has generosity, and her husband parsimonious ..... and you pass your wife Votceft parsimonious and you generosity, and described a woman's place has been characterized by generosity. Owner of the vineyard said to him with a smile: that a woman who is a midwife generosity my sister and her husband As Scrooge is my wife's brother

Tells the child that was hit by a serious illness, and her condition was very critical and her brother, who is nine years old had suffered from the same disease and cured before it was the only solution is to have a doctor Infel amount of blood brother. 
The doctor looked brother and said to him: It will not only save your sister transport blood to 
Are you ready for this ...? 
Eyes were filled with fear and hesitation small for a moment and then said: 
OK I'll do it Doctor? 
After an hour of the transfer process fearfully asked the child: 
Tell me, Dr. Matthew was going to die ...? 
When it knew the doctor and realized why the child was injured by moment of fear when asked to do so I think it has to be small to give him his blood to his sister that he gives his life meaning itself.

He is rumored at one time there was a leafy tree in a forest strongly. Where the leaves grow profusely on the branches Fara. While the roots were hit in the depths of the soil. And so it was this tree is unique among the rest of the trees. 
This tree has become a haven for birds. Where the girl lived birds and their nests above the boughs. Bird made ​​dens dug trunk, and put their eggs, which hatch in the shadows claimed the greatness of this tree. I felt pleased with the tree of frequent companionship during her days long. People were grateful for the presence of this great tree. Because they were repeatedly come to Istazloa 
A shadow. Where they were sleeping under the branches and open their bags to eat food journey. Every time when people return to their homes were expressing the usefulness of this tree is great for them. The tree was proud to hear praising them. 
But the years have passed. And the tree began to get sick. And began falling leaves and branches. Then we solve the trunk and became pale. The greatness began to get used to, which had been gradually fade away and get lost. Even birds have become free to build their nests above. It is no longer one comes to avail himself of a shadow. Cried the tree and said, "Oh God, why have become all these difficulties? I need for friends., And now no one is close to. Why stripped meant all the glory which I had Taudth?. Screamed tree so loudly echoed her crying in all the woods," Why do not you die and dropped , not even what I suffer Aanyh not better able to afford it? , And lasted until the tree crying tears flooded the trunk dry. 
Seasons passed and rolled days, has not changed if the old tree. The tree is still suffering from the unit. And its branches began to dry out more and more. The tree was crying throughout the night and until the emergence of the morning. 
".... Sue Sue Sue ...", oh Mahzh fuss? . It's a small bird had just come out of the egg. Based on this, the sound woke up the tree from the old dreams of the day. 
"Sue .... Sue ... Sue," Loud noise more and more. If another small bird hatch from the egg. It was not long 
Even a bird hatched the third and the fourth and went out into the world. Old tree morning, Sara said, "I heard my prayers and I do." 
The next day, there were many birds fly to latch onto the old tree. They started to build a new Achoca. As if the dry twigs attracted their attention to build Ashochehem there. And I felt the warmth of the bird in its survival within the dry twigs instead of the previous locations. Began increasing numbers of birds, as well as varied kinds. Vgmgmt Old tree joy, she says, 
"Oh, now my days will become more joy of their presence here." 
Old tree returned to cheer again, and her heart was filled with joy. While a small tree began to grow near the roots. Shrub and looked as if they were new smile for the old tree. Because Tears Old tree that has become a small shrub complement devoted to nature. 
Dear friend, this is the way things work. Is there a lesson Tstkhals of this story? . Yes, God always has a secret plan for us. Almighty God always ćíĚÇćČ our questions. Even when it is difficult to guess the results, trust that God is omnipotent knows what is best for us. 
When there are times where experiments allowed us, in other times are filled with an abundance of blessings. It does not Imithana more than we can afford. And when, God forbid, the experience of the old tree, the delay in actually show his glory. But the fact that God did not allow the fall of the old tree, it had a few secrets that kept her. But he was testing the patience of the tree. 
Therefore, my dear friend, be sure that, no matter what we are facing from the experience we face in a series of glory prepared for us. Do not despair, do not frustrate. God is present there is always next to the patient. 
"Patience purchased yourselves. (Luke 21:19)" 
"We know that all things work together for good to those who love God, who are called according to his purpose. (Romans 8:28)"

We all know the downright late leader Nelson Mandela 
But did you know 
Recognizes Nelson Mandela in his memoirs by the title "long path towards freedom" Bastelhamh to the values ​​of freedom of the Algerian revolution, he wrote: "the Algerian revolution is the model closest to the revolution the fact that the Mujahideen Algerians faced community important of white colonizers who ruled the majority of the people." 
He visited Nelson Mandela in 1961 and the combat units of the Algerian Liberation Army, which was stationed in the city of Jeddah on the border with Algeria, which was home to a rear base for the Algerian Liberation Army, and provide for securing the smuggling of arms to the rebels inside Algeria. 
And then was invited to the Moroccan city of Oujda on the border with Algeria, where he visited the fighting unit belonging to the National Liberation Army was fighting in the field. 
He adds leader Mandela in his memoirs, "They were an army commando featuring warriors earned their rank in the midst of wars and were Muluaan war and strategy rather than a combat uniform and military parades." 
Mandela wrote, "I know that our troops resemble more soldiers Algeria, and I hope to fight with such valor." 
In 1962, Mandela went to the mountains in Algeria, where he received inside and continued integration of a number of resisters in the ANC training camps alongside the Mujahideen of the Algerian National Liberation Army


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