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I hope that everyone is okay, God willing. Today we will talk about one way to bring visitors to your blog and that are targeted by marketing and so you do not dwell more Otherkk with the subject. 

Bring visitors to your site 

Now your site is ready to work for you for the wonderful design and pages that you got so much time you wrote a good threads, you have great products and appeal to visitors lured to acquire them, privatize page to buy and other customer service. Everything in the site or Blog equipped in the best way form and content. But where are your visitors? 
Bring visitors to your site is much discussed and often misunderstood. There are millions of theories that promises thousands of visitors every month or every day. There are services you suggest the owners that they will increase the number of visitors increased by enormous if you pay them a pittance for this service, and there are experts Aadonk they Sazon your site in all search sites on the Internet and have to wait for an avalanche of visitors Gzawn in a few days. 
  The sure way to bring visitors to your site dramatically are "free way" as I call it will entitle you to thousands of visitors annually. And by placing free offers however, we were especially Arabs and the world in general is ecstatic to have a justification for such thing as "free", begins Visitors clicking on the link your site like crazy. But this segment of the visitors did not come to buy, quite the contrary. Visits are empty (if the content of your site depends on income other than selling products) will be looking for free and leave the thing rarely does one buy. And this is what were not looking for. Is not it? 
To select this slice visitors that will benefit them and be ready for your purchase. 

How do you do that Malk? 

Start Ptejreb these methods and basic steps. 
Then, drawing on an expert in writing sales letters that were not familiar with the way you write. What is important in these messages are keywords "keywords" in the title and text messages and a "Meta Tag" in the Source site. Such an author with expertise knowledge of words Muftaha the strongest and the most effective and strategic position in the web page. If you can not hire an expert to the Booze, I advise you do a search on the internet you will find many who will offer you a helping hand. 
You can subscribe to "pay per click" search engines. And Google is the most important and the largest on the scene and is a service Adword, but the most popular keywords have been controlled. If you have a good imagination and I was able to think of new phrases people use to search for your products and services, it is good for you. And every time someone clicks on one of your ads to go to your site will pay a nominal fee for the site Google. 
You can write articles and published in special sites such as Booze site ezinearticles.com famous. So you write a story about one of your products and their importance and advantages which will benefit of owning this product and in the last article put a link to your blog or website, and this all will read your subject will be tempted curiosity to visit your site and a great possibility to buy one of your products because, as we said before, is a slice targeted. And such sites visited by thousands if not Almlaan day. 
These are just a few of the many ways guaranteed to get the targeted visitors and not passing visitors. 

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