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Gaza Strip, is the narrow strip running on the Mediterranean coast, which constitutes 1.33% of the land of historical Palestine, and is considered the descendants of refugees, who have lost their land after the 1948 war, the vast majority of the population, and is one of the most densely populated areas in the world; have lived on the land sector of an area of ​​360 square kilometers, nearly two million people. Put the sector under Egyptian administration, after the signing of the Armistice Agreement Egyptian - Israeli in 1949, which identified the armistice line between the two sides, and in 1950, signed an agreement modus vivendi between Egypt and the Zionist entity, known as the "Convention on the co-existence", under which re-demarcation of the armistice line, thus the Zionists to seize nearly 200 square kilometers of land sector. After the 1967 war, was occupied sector in full - as well as the Sinai and the West Bank -, ​​was re-arrange structures, civil, administrative, and confiscated Palestinian land, and devoted to the building of settlements, roads, and facilities of the Israeli military, having been established between the (in June 1967, and September / September 2005) 21 settlements , home to 8,000 settlers, 20% of the land sector, which caused internal displacement of large numbers of Palestinians. It also was the name of protecting settlement areas, depriving the Palestinians of the acquisition of 30% of their property, for nearly forty years, in addition to razing agricultural land. 

On the eighth of December / December 1987, the Israeli truck driver, ran over Palestinian workers, at a checkpoint, "Erez" in Jabaliya, which separates the Gaza Strip from the rest of Palestine, which led to the deaths of four and wounding seven others. During the funeral, the mourners threw stones at the site of the enemy's army, who responded they opened fire, she started the spark that led to the "uprising of stones", or the first intifada, have had feelings of injustice and humiliation under occupation, and refused to continue, the significant impact of the spread of fire, this spark to all regions of Palestine, Bmdnha and villages and refugee camps, and the resistance movement Hamas, have been born from the womb of this uprising, while the announcement inception, on the fourteenth of December 1987, which began launching attacks against Israeli soldiers, and longer operations martyr freedom fighter "Yahya Ayyash" of the most prominent these attacks. Increased crowd in February 1988, when the media published pictures of Israeli soldiers They use stones to break the arms of children and youth stone in Nablus, gave rise to these scenes of brutality and barbarism of the occupier sympathies of many around the world, and the number of them do not know anything about Palestine. Continued uprising in the form of a civil disobedience campaign, despite the arrest and killing of thousands, - that lasted for a year and a half -, involving hundreds of thousands of Palestinian people, and they have organized the demonstrations, and the distribution of leaflets urging the demonstration, and grew popular committees of local, working to provide Almiona and ambulance and medicine. It could be argued that the most important effects of this uprising; strengthen the feelings of Arabism, and the desire for freedom among 48 Arabs, who organized demonstrations and strikes, and sent aid and food aid, financial and blood donations to their brethren in the West Bank and Gaza, which are much weaker effects of the policies of Judaization and blur the identity pursued by the Zionists, and the entity occupation has imposed severe restrictions on the media, and has stopped granting visas to Western journalists, in an attempt to save his image in front of Western public opinion. 
Achieved this uprising additions are important for the struggle of the Palestinian people aspiring to be free, as it unites people rallied around his cause, and was able to win the support of the peoples of the world, and more importantly, returned the issue of Arabs first Palestine to the fore for the Arab peoples, and proved struggling Palestinian people an enormous capacity for resilience, organization and continuity, and innovation new methods of struggle, even the Zionists signed the Oslo Accords, with the PLO, in an attempt to abort the uprising of stones, and circumvent the gains. 

Was the signing of the Oslo Accords on September 13 / September 1993, the major impact on the sector and the Palestinian issue as a whole, where the latest feet of the Palestine Liberation Organization, represented by leaders of Fatah, the signing of the agreement, after secret talks with the occupier, big gap in the entity of the Palestinian people and their unity on the issue , and restored the liberation struggle to square one, after that sidelined Liberation Organization for the benefit of the Palestinian Authority, under the hegemony of the occupier, and restricted peace deals with him. Under the agreement stability of the Zionist entity, Wiczaidt numbers of Zionist immigrants to the land of occupied Palestine, and expanded settlements, which is now cut across areas that are supposed to be subject under the control of the Palestinian Authority, also acquired a state of occupation on natural resources, especially water and agricultural land, for example, grant agreement of occupied 85% of the stock of groundwater, which is the most in the region (C), which constitute 60% ​​of the land of the West Bank, as the Department of the agreement the Palestinian territory into three regions (ABC), an area of ​​the first region of 5%, and is owned by the Palestinian Authority, while subject area and the second area of 35%, and the administrative authority, service, security and the state of occupation, and the last area is located (60%) under the authority of the occupation completely. The most dangerous of all; approach is power based on the subordination of political and economic development of the occupier, where it became the policies that acknowledge his part, applies automatically on the Palestinian side, along with the security coordination between them, which is easy on the occupier suppress the resistance, and the arrest of resisters. 

In Gaza, allowed the convention to Palestinian fishermen, fish up to a distance 20 nautical miles only, though, the occupying entity, to coincide with the demarcation of land and maritime borders, reducing the distance to 6 miles, not only so;, but does reduce the distance to the half (3 miles) , whenever he wanted; as the stronger party, which grants the right or stop him. Gaza's fishermen are exposed to attacks Israeli soldiers, which include detention, torture and even murder, in addition to the destruction and confiscation of boats. This was followed by the signing of the Convention, the Zionists to build a separation fence between them and the Gaza Strip, under the pretext of improving the security situation, which led to the blockade of the Gaza Strip, with the continuation of the Zionists control the airspace and land borders and territorial waters. The Palestinian police, patrolling in the security sector, to prevent the insurgents from smuggling weapons and munitions or related equipment. The aim of this agreement is the recognition of the Palestinian Authority, in exchange for ceding ground, and confer legitimacy on the Golan. 

After experience the Palestinians to the outputs of the Oslo unfair in their right, and that did not reap the fruit only occupant, increasing the strength and force, and mounted assassinations, arrests and incursions and the building of settlements, with the refusal to release Palestinian prisoners, the desecration of the head of the Likud party former "Ariel Sharon" with his bodyguards, the campus Qudsi, on September 28 / September 2000, as a bomb that blew up the second intifada, or Al-Aqsa Intifada, when it rose up worshipers to prevent terrorist Sharon access to the Marwani Mosque, Vachtpkoa violent clashes with Israeli soldiers, and the next day, IOF moved into al-Aqsa Mosque, and fired fire on worshipers, martyred 9, and the wounding of others, which led to the spread of the confrontations in all regions of Palestine, were used during the occupation forces, helicopter gunships, artillery and tanks, and evolved contrast tools Palestinian resistance, having been used stones, Molotov cocktails, and edged weapons in the first intifada, become resistant to using guns, grenades, mines and improvised explosive devices, was able to kill about 1069 a Zionist, and wounded 4,500 others, and the disruption of 50 tanks, destroying a number of military armored vehicles. It was for the use of the resistance factions missile explosives and rockets to bombard the occupying entity, credited with forcing the occupation forces announcement unilateral withdrawal from the Gaza Strip, and the dismantling of settlements and its military installations, and announcing what it called "disengagement", between (15 August / August, 12 September / September 2005. ), claiming that it had ended its occupation, but they still exercise control over most of Gaza's land borders, as well as its territorial waters and airspace. 

Despite targeting the Zionists, the late Palestinian leader "Yasser Arafat" in the Al-Aqsa Intifada, until it led to the liquidation, in addition to the destruction of Palestinian Authority institutions, continued leadership power by pursuing policies of normalization and security cooperation with the occupier, and to move towards negotiations and make further concessions, ignoring the sacrifices and tournaments People in the second Palestinian uprising, which may be the most important shatter the myth of the invincible army, conquer in battle while defending the Jenin refugee camp (April / April 2002), although there is great parity in the balance of power. 

In June 2007, Hamas took over the Gaza Strip, and the forces routed Fatah faction led by Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, Vanksm sector from the West administratively. Hamas had won legislative elections in January 2006. The Zionist entity, subsequently, to impose military and economic blockade on the Gaza Strip, participated by Egypt through the closure of the Rafah crossing. December 27 / December 2008, announced that the leadership of the occupation of "Operation Cast Lead", saying that it might take time, and will not stop until you achieve its goals to end the firing of rockets from Gaza, contrast, Hamas announced that it will continue fighting until Israel stops its attacks and end the siege, and the announcement process after the breach of the Zionist entity for a truce and calm the assassination of six Hamas members, in addition to refusing to lift the siege on Gaza, which was one of the terms of the truce, and therefore Hamas has rejected the extension. The Al-Quds Brigades, the military wing of the Islamic Jihad movement, has published an inventory of the Israeli violations of this agreement, and said it amounted to a breach of 195 in the sector. Israel used its military power, also resorted to the use of phosphorous weapons made ​​in the U.S. in the bombing of the sector to be subjected, and fought its recent step ground invasion, but the steadfastness of the resistance, and its ability to bombard cities occupation, forced her to withdraw from the Gaza Strip in January 18, 2009, and stop the bombing without to achieve their objectives. And repeated the occupation forces aggression on the Gaza Strip, while the chief of staff targeted Hamas martyr "Ahmed Jabari" in 2012, and received by the resistance factions process "stone Shale." 

After the incident, the death of three settlers in Hebron, the Israeli government has accused Hamas of being behind the incident, to justify a new aggression on the West Bank and Gaza. Following this; Israeli soldiers to wage a campaign of arrests in the West Bank, as it were arrested more than a thousand Palestinians, the vast majority of whom were leaders of the resistance, in addition to the re-arrest of all released prisoners after Shalit deal, in the second of July 2014, proceeded a group of settlers to the kidnapping and torture, and then burn the child, "Abu Mohammed Khudair" alive, which led to the outbreak of widespread protests in Jerusalem and the land inside the 48 in the West, has intensified after the Zionist run over two Arab workers in Haifa. In the eighth of July, began the occupation army aggression on Gaza, and expressed resistance - despite the blockade - a major development in the methods of its response to the aggression, for example; able rockets of the resistance of the access to the Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv, and bombarded the city of Haifa, and reached its missiles to Dimona Alnuelh, and airports Nevatim and Raymond military, in addition to storm the elements commandos belonging to the Qassam, the base of Zikim military, and the al-Qassam Brigades announced on July 12, it will bomb Tel Aviv and its suburbs missiles "Jabbara 80", at the ninth; this is not the first time that bombard the resistance of Tel Aviv, but the first announcing the strike before the scheduled hour, and calls on the media to draw the cameras toward Tel Aviv, before the raining skies with missiles in defiance of the Iron Dome, which led to the sound of sirens in all of occupied Palestine , paralyzing traffic in Tel Aviv and its suburbs, and the flight of millions of Zionists and hiding in shelters, in addition to injuring a number of them panic attacks. 

Today is repeated bombardment of Gaza, and continue the steadfastness of the resistance, with the continued silence and betrayal of the Arabs, and the adoption of some of their writers and intellectuals, speech occupier and chanting Daayate, of blaming the resistance and the load responsibility blood of the martyrs and the wounded, and all the destruction that solution and solves the sector, with repeated questions along the lines of , Why is the resistance to Palestine?, from here we respond to the question, Why is the power that was born from the womb of the Oslo agreement of Palestine?, all the charts and numbers to prove extend the settlement, and the high numbers of prisoners, and to increase the power of the occupying entity, after the signing of peace treaties with him, and legitimize it, and the conversion of his enemy occupier, to partner in the peace process, as if the question of border disputes between the two neighbors, and not the issue of the occupation of land and displacement of people. In contrast, the resistance was able to force the occupier to withdraw, and the dismantling of settlements, and the launch of convoys of prisoners, and his liver human and material losses, and revealed the falsity of the myth of the invincible army, which has increased the proportion of reverse migration to the settlers in search of security. Moreover, contributed to the resistance in the detection of the true face of the Zionists, and they refute the propaganda by promoting the state as a democratic state that respects the law. 

It should be noted the importance of monitoring barbaric attacks perpetrated by the occupation army and settlers against our people in Palestine, but the adoption of speech jurist who appeals to the international community to condemn the crimes of the occupier, is not in the service of resistance, and will not contribute to the liberation; because "international legitimacy", is awarded legitimacy of the Zionist entity, albeit supported the Palestinians' right to their land, they do not support the liberation of the whole of Palestine, and acknowledged the right of refugees to return, they do not acknowledge their return to their towns and villages upon which the "state" of Israel now, and most importantly of all, is that the international legitimacy subject entirely to American hegemony, and therefore; reliable means the reliability of the Zionists themselves. 

In conclusion, we must emphasize the seriousness of normalization with the enemy in all its forms, because it destroys the decades of the Palestinian struggle Commissioner for liberation, and lead to the creation of a new generation, to accept the occupier and delivers strength, or even admire him, and thus give up the constants and rights, as opposed to improving the living conditions of common . The project the State of Israel is a settlement project powered by colonial powers, and can not deal with it, but to adopt a project based on the liberation of the land and the dismantling of settlements, nor can there be a state for the people under occupation, only to end the state of occupation, will not happen, but through projects based on resistance, do not try to revive the Arab peace initiative - which was born dead - so shameful and pathetic.

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