الجمعة، 25 يوليو 2014

 To begin with, the author of this article was before the thirtieth of June much betting on the military (and only the army) as the only savior of Egypt scheme devastation and loss, which is her .. and after the third of July, make sure Lee including not broken any doubt that you are the best choice Egypt .. and this led me because I do what I never imagined one day I'll do .. I did not imagine the day I will write commend the administrator of any official in any location, whether president or a minister or even an agent of the Ministry, in a customary that normal to be in charge of afraid of God in his performance , and positive in everything that goes out with him in the vicinity of its responsibilities and is not required to pay tribute to him then not to tell him thank you, no thanks on duty .. but we oppose and criticize when it fails in its responsibilities, and Nkhvh and open files corruption if it is corrupt .. this is my vision for the role of the writer, who and no power is only right .. as did Otejelny days pay tribute to the owner of an authority or a head of state and the only one who paid tribute to him in my writing and my words and will pay tribute and bow in recognition and tribute in front of his name and his experience is Gamal Abdel Nasser - and of course my writing and Ahadty was not to be in the custody and after his departure years and thus were not Tzlva or nigh him as governor - .. but the rule of Field Marshal come toppling at all scales and found my pen and since put your soul over your palm on the third of July, and saved my fate Black was longer at the hands of a terrorist group traitor .. since that day I found my pen Aazzak and Aaiedk and Aazerk commends Bakhalask and your love for your country and your courage, and declared optional you a savior for Egypt protector of the security of the imminent danger plotted her, and I followed in a series of articles I write to you about (Egypt needs .. and the people want) and I put what I write in front of you - if you receive - as a mere illuminations on the road .. 

But I today and to satisfy my conscience before God and before the national and the people in front of my readers (real) and in front of the value of honesty, which I have not topped the value, and highly motivated by a concern to you, I find myself driven to say to you: 
* Watch out for and be aware sovereignty Marshal, you are now making strides on the road you continue it will lose you a lot of millions Oahbuk and documenting your bet you .. Yes, the rule of Field Marshal and here I believe you say, and I argue that I and by virtue of fiduciary intellectual who believes in the importance of the masses always communicate with people, I mean people (real people) is far from simple contamination of the world of politics all the colors nicely .. It is through this friction with people appalled that there are signs of concern took invade some of them .. this concern is driven by the names of the characters in your name became associated personalities .. some of them say that he speaks of the campaign tongue, and some of them suggesting that close to you and insiders have, including Almstl sword advocate for you, a loss of credibility by virtue of its history known for defending all of His authority in every age .. she names take you and do not add to you .. Vomthal those of their history of bad are the source of distortion you .. and people began to worry and started to ask, and noted that people began with you without question, but Kvahm you your reaction courageous noble on the third of July, to Amnhok their trust without question or concern or doubt, and Achtaruk and believe that tomorrow you enough in it to be the beginning and Egypt home has gone out of the circle of danger Court took steps on the road to safety .. believe me that Achtaruk have chosen safety home first and then later come to work to get rid of poverty and suffering and a decent life .. Any decent life if they lost homeland, God forbid, and as it was planned and executed by The terrorist group, which save you (and you specifically) Egypt them .. 
Those people who chose home and Achtaruk saving him now they are worried about these names for the characters and their presence around you or her your name deducted from your balance among people, and destructive element of trust granted to you people without borders and without any question about guarantees, and also to sign the whiteness of them for you .. people now It is the rule of Field Marshal twisting and wriggling what it was before twisting and wriggling with you or worry or even wondering .. but now she began to allude to its concerns and began to ask her questions .. what is the relationship Marshal these names of the owners of the corrupt history? And his relationship with these well-known Bnvagahm hypocrisy and each governor? And why and how these characters are precisely the members of his campaign? Then Worse This sudden I got on the head as the bolt which is to be a spokesperson for the campaign with a history of (practical) on the palace all linked in America that people know that it fights coming you specifically the president of Egypt .. and people are amazed and are entitled to be surprised, and people are worried about is their right to worry , how do you and you rejected - openly and secretly - from America, how to choose the official spokeswoman for the campaign and one of the collaborators with the Foundation (Carnegie), which came from the American Amr Hamzawy creature of America? How do you choose a spokeswoman for the campaign is working in the Defense College of the NATO in Rome? The people have the right to be amazed and how those who wrote the (Twitter) army protects not judged .. and other (winner) denouncing violently dealing with protesters and bullying Achartho n become the official spokesman for the campaign, Field Marshal? 
It is well known that people are amazed Spokesman for any campaign is the address of the owner of the campaign, a spokesman with his tongue, how is your address is the same as carrying a U.S. title? And why? Is Admt Egypt speakers who do not dust them not chosen leads to concern or questions or loss of balance or destabilize the love and trust of the people with you?! 
The rule of Field Marshal you have earned the love of popularity and the confidence of the people have not acquired any candidate for the presidency or any head of Egypt only, Gamal Abdel Nasser, be sure on this great blessing and the farthest from you all these names contaminated known Banbtahaa and hypocrisy of the governor of any governor, and the farther you names that have tarnished its history of corruption, and beyond you every name raises doubts or concern invested opponents in various classifications and blame confirmation of toxins Abutunha against you in the minds of those who believed in you, in a bid to destabilize the confidence .. farthest from you both deducted from the balance in the hearts and minds of the people of (real people) and all of it vulnerable to listen to the words of the biased . 
* And finally: Although I admit my great appreciation to you and despite my bet early on you, I now I have a rage of what is happening around you finally, what is happening is not in your favor and get irritated some of your lovers, and they found you fittest to lead Egypt .. 
I love for my country and yours as a savior for the patriotic, but I'm angry and Oacolha you: 
- Be aware of what is happening in order not to lose a great asset granted him by the great Egyptian people .. 
- And beware of falling into the wrong satisfy .. All Valkhasr Egypt will be the first here .. In this case, God forbid, will not just be a mistake and signed it, but be an unforgivable sin.

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