السبت، 26 يوليو 2014

The expert Paul Hart British series of tips about how to stay alive if they narrowed the ways human beings under what circumstance and found himself alone on the barren island because of the crash of a ship or aircraft or the like. 
The first thing to remember, as reported in the Daily Telegraph, if the person found himself alone in such a situation is to think positive and optimistic can be the difference between life and death. Valhdu and the ability to adapt and think about the whole Net tools to help get out of such adversity. 

The first of these tips that should be appreciated by the person here is to avoid injury and treatment if they occur in the fastest way possible, then be sure to avoid any injury to the other no matter how simple if it continues to stay in the plight of this island. 

Second advice, trying to salvage what can be salvaged of the means by which it was riding a person because anything which could be of great benefit and help to survive, as anything can be configured to build a shelter or a bed and other necessities of life, and in such situations, necessity is the mother of invention . 

Third, try to find a source of fresh water, and can be found in palm trees or coconut island if such plants. Even if the barren island can take advantage of the sea water after distillation sunshine, the same method can also recycle urine into water tortured. The thunderstorms and Vera are a source of water. 

Fourth advice, find shelter is essential for protection from the hot sun and heavy rains. 

And fifth, searching for food, and this is available in such islands, such as mollusks and shellfish, seaweed and fish, with the investigation that they are non-toxic. If the shells and mollusks solid and difficult conquest in general they are edible, and vice versa. Then be sure to cook food before eating it, especially shellfish, to kill parasites that may be toxic attached to them. 

Another way to make sure that the toxicity of what is eaten is rubbing on the back of the hand and wait a few minutes to see any reaction may cause allergic skin, then taste the tongue gingerly and waiting for any reaction, and the penultimate step put a piece in the mouth for some time before removing again, if nothing happened trying to bite off a piece. 

He concluded that expert advice be with the person, as far as possible, a mobile phone and charger in his journey, and to be a phone applications that help to stay alive in such circumstances. However, if he did not have such tools, the fraction of sound thinking and calm and focus and positive person could give a real chance of survival.

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