السبت، 26 يوليو 2014

Announced a large corporate owners of the existence of a vacancy for the post of Chairman of the Board and request submission of qualified ... 

Within two weeks, and it relates to several biographies attention-grabbing vast experience and success stories featured ... all of whom were entitled to the job, but he wanted a trade-off between them said that there was a five-minute exam and only successful it will be the new Chairman of the Board ... 

The seven applicants selected for this job .. opened question paper and found them one question, "How much is equal to the sum of the 5 +5?" .... 

The six of them put No. 10 and directly out laughing at that silly exam ... 

But only one written answer: "I can not give you an answer because I do not know what you mean by 5 +5 .... It may be what you mean by a simple calculation, and her answer 10 may be what you mean other things as five employees and five managers, and this defect management may be what you mean by 5 liters of water is added to 5 meters of wood burning here and the result is ashes .. you must tell me what you want in order to answer you. "

Choice was of course the owner answer the latter, who became chairman of the board of directors, it is not possible to be Chairman of the Board wants combines two simple ... and wisdom here we Ningr apparent meaning of things and rush to review our knowledge and forget that in sub-What is the most complicated sometimes ... as sometimes we do not use the time available in order to take a decision!

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