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As we have seen, the contribution of Muslims in the field of medicine countless .. Perhaps for these contributions and the greatest of the above is that the Muslims were the first to found a hospital in the world, but they preceded the others in that it more than nine centuries!! 

It has established the first Muslim hospital in the reign of the Caliph al-Walid bin Abdul Malik, who ruled from the year 86 AH to the year 96 AH, this was a hospital specializing in leprosy, created after the hospitals many in the Muslim world, and reached some Showa great, so were these hospitals are citadels of science and medicine, and is considered one of the first colleges and universities in the world .. while established the first European Hospital in Paris, then more than nine centuries!! 

The hospitals were known (Alpemmarstanat), and it was them hard, including mobile; Valthabt is that originates in the cities, and rarely find Islamic city - albeit small - without the hospital, while the mobile hospital is the one who roam the remote villages, deserts and mountains ..!! 

The mobile hospitals bear on a wide range of beauty (reached in some cases to forty camels!!, In the reign of Sultan Mahmud Seljuk, who ruled from the year 511 AH to the year 525 AH), and these were the convoys equipped with machines and therapeutic drugs, and accompanied by a number of doctors, and it was are able to reach every area in the Islamic nation. 

She reached hospitals fixed in the major cities to the point of very fine level, and it was the most famous hospital brachial Baghdad, which was established in the year 371 AH, and hospital-Nouri in Damascus, which was established in the year 549 AH, and the hospital Mansouri great in Cairo, which was established the year 683 AH, and was in Cordoba alone, more than fifty Hospital!! 

This was the hospital giant is divided into sections according to specialization; There are sections of Internal Medicine, and Departments of Surgery, and sections of Dermatology, and sections of eye diseases, and psychiatric sections, and sections of the bones and fractures, and others. 

This was not the hospital just the role of the treatment, but were medical schools real on the highest level; was a doctor specializing in (Professor) passes the cases in the morning, along with the doctors who are in the first their journeys, medical, Faalmanm, and taking notes, and describes the treatment, and they are watching and learning, then moves professor then to a large hall and sitting around the students recite their medical books, and explains and illustrates, and answer their questions .. but he held them to a test at the end of each educational program particular finish his studies, and then give them a vacation in the branch that specialize in it. 

The Islamic hospitals includes within it huge libraries contain an enormous number of books specializing in medicine, pharmacy, anatomy and physiology as well as science .. jurisprudence related to medicine, and other sciences of interest to the doctor. 

It is noteworthy, for example - to know the magnitude of these libraries - the Library of Ibn Tulun in Cairo hospital were included among its shores more than a hundred thousand books!! 

And were grown - near hospitals - large farms that grow the medicinal herbs and plants therapeutic; so as to supply the needs of the hospital, including medications. 

The actions that were taken in hospitals to avoid infection was a special kind of unique; was patient when he enters the hospital delivers his clothes, which he entered, and then given new clothes free to prevent transmission through his clothes that were worn while disease, and then enters each patient in the ward specialist illness, does not allow him to enter the wards to prevent the transmission of other infections as well, and each patient sleeps on a bed of its own, and it bedsheet new and special tools!! 

Compare all of that hospital, which was established in Paris after these hospitals Islamic centuries, where patients are forced to reside in ward one, regardless of the quality of their illnesses, and even forced to sleep three or four, and sometimes five of the patients on one bed!! Vtjd smallpox patient next to the cases of fractures next to the woman who gives birth!! As doctors and nurses are not able to enter the wards only put masks on the nose from the smell severe mold inside the wards! But was not transferred to the dead outside the wards only after twenty-four hours at least of death!! You can imagine how serious this matter to the rest of the patients!! 

If we want to review some of the leading hospitals in Islamic history, was the greatest of: brachial hospital, established by the State sails son Bouet year 371 AH in Baghdad, and he was doing the treatment at its inception twenty-four doctors, Tzadwa then too. It also housed a scientific library, pharmacy and luxury kitchens, and was serving a large number of employees and janitors, and doctors were taking turns to serve the patients so that the doctors at the hospital there are twenty-four hours a day. 

And hospitals Islamic majority also: hospital Nouri great in Damascus, which was founded by Sultan fair Nur al-Din Mahmoud martyr, in the year 549 AH, and was for the hospitals and the greatest, and he continued to work very long period of time, where he remained receives patients until the year 1317 AH (1899 AD) any nearly eight hundred years!! 

As well as one of the greatest hospitals in the history of Islam: the hospital Mansouri large, established by King Mansour Sayf al-Din Qalawun in Cairo, in the year 683 AH, and was a sign of the minimum in precision and order and cleanliness, and it was so great that he was treated in one day more than four thousand sick!! 

And do not forget in this regard Marrakech Hospital, established by the Abu Yousef Mansour ~ Jacob, the king of the State of Unitarian Morocco, who ruled from 580 AH to 595 AH, and the construction of this hospital was a sign of perfection and splendor! It has instilled in him all kinds of trees and crops, but were inside four small artificial lakes!! It was a very high level in terms of the possibilities of modern medicines and medical doctors and skilled. 

It was - rightly - Dora the brow of the Islamic nation. 

Not only that, but there were specialized hospitals, which do not address only a certain kind of diseases; eyes as hospitals, and hospitals leprosy, mental hospitals, and so on. 

And impressed him and the strangest: it was found in some of the cities major Islamic neighborhoods integrated medical; has happened Ibn Jubayr in his journey undertaken by the year 580 AH almost, that he saw in Baghdad - the capital of the Abbasid Caliphate - alive full of neighborhoods is like a small city, strikethrough palatial mansion beautiful, surrounded by gardens and houses multiple, and it was all that and a moratorium on the sick, and was frequented by doctors of various specialties, as well as pharmacists, medical students, and the maintenance underway at them from the state and endowments, which makes them rich nation to treat the poor and others. 

And yet, these four models of hundreds of hospitals that were scattered in the east of the Islamic world and the west, on Europe was shrouded in the darkness of ignorance, and do not know anything of these hospitals, accuracy, cleanliness and HH human emotion in it. Here's what the German orientalist Max Meyerhof on the status of hospitals in Europe in the era when hospitals in our civilization as we have described ... said Dr. Max: The hospitals Aeryah and health systems in the country's Islamic gone to receive us now is a hard lesson MRA does not appreciate the right amount only after do a simple comparison with the hospitals of Europe at that time itself. Over more than three centuries to Europe, as of our time, before you know public hospitals meaning, no exaggeration to say that until the eighteenth century (1710), and patients are being treated in their homes or in the role of the private hospitals were European accepted a role of kindness and charity, and shelter for those who do not have shelter, or patients who were unable to. 

She said Sigrid Hunke: "Every hospital with what the arrangements and lab, and all the Pharmacy and Drugstore Nowadays, it is in fact memorials to the genius of Arabic, and every grain of pills, gilded or mascara, but it is - well - small souvenir apparent, reminiscent of two of the greatest Arab Doctors, teachers and the West Country. "

We conclude this talk the results that we would like to draw attention to it after these comparisons, we are in our civilization we were earlier than Westerners to regulate hospitals nine centuries at least, and that our hospitals have the passion noble human unmatched in history not known Algriyon Even today, we have reached in achieve social solidarity end did not inform him of Western civilization until today; while we make medical treatment and food to patients free of charge, but when we give the poor camel money spent on itself until it becomes able to work .. this human tendency reached its peak day we were carrying the banner of civilization , Where do we stand today?! Where these Algriyon them?!

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