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Offers gift as a symbol or a way to express love and sincere human feelings that we hold people to occupy a great place in our hearts, it is not important to be an expensive gift in order to be effective, but give a picture of the extent of our appreciation to those who will be communicated to him. Who among us does not like to receive a gift on the occasion of what. The equivalent of that feeling of satisfaction smile and a word of approbation person won the admiration of the gift presented to him. In this month Snsahpk dear reader on a tour of some of the Internet sites in order to define together on the basis of the selection of gifts and some important tips when buying and also we will take a light on the ideas used in the packaging of gifts. 

How to choose the right gift? 
There are many types of gifts available in the market has stood some of us bewildered and wondering what I would choose from among this sea of gifts. Thread is much simpler than we expect and when our followers for some guidance ... 
Where are beginning to think that the nature of the person who will give a gift to him and try to discern a way of thinking. In order to do so we must ask ourselves some questions about that person's hobbies, and things that favored and topics that focus during the conversation. But before all of that there is some basic information that must be checked, namely: 

Who will present the gift to man, woman or child, how old, and is characterized by particular characteristics must be taken into consideration in our choice of gift. 
Will it be a gift to be presented to him alone or Sicherkh by ​​family members. Is this the person is married or single and whether he has children. 
Where a person lives in a big house or apartment has? And how to spend his vacations and leisure. Is exercise a specific type of hobbies. 
Do you love perfume, flowers or prefer certain types of chocolate and sweets. What is the nature of his character Is it practical or tends to official likes you or humor is serious. 
There are a lot of questions. The bottom line likes to be a clear picture of the person who will give a gift to him so we can choose what suits him. To be the gift that our wonderful and useful, when choosing a gift is preferred that the person really wants, not just need. 
Anthazee opportunity when you see a suitable gift on the market and do not hesitate to buy it. 
Good packaging for gifts with tinsel and cans beautiful innovative forms adds a degree of fun and thrill when it is received and opened. 

Shopping successful when buying gifts 
We all wanted to shop successful, and easy when he wants to buy a special gift occasions and holidays so that they are purchasing costs as low as possible and minimize the number of times in which the switch when the gift is appropriate, 
The plan that we must follow when purchasing where we can be summed up the following simple points: 

We can buy gifts for those who intend to submit to him when we find the right gift or take a period of special offers and discounts are an opportunity to buy, even if the rest of the date of the appropriate period is not short (weeks or months). 
When we purchase gifts in advance suggests that the site we collect and allocate a place for easy reference so as not to forget what was purchased with the passage of days. 
When we decide to buy a gift that should preferably be of high quality as we like to be us. Are selected color and shape to suit the recipient's taste and style preferences. 
Purchase invoice must be retained for a sufficient period after the purchase of the gift, in case you need to switch or return. It is not necessary that the gift be expensive in order to be effective, but gifts that fit the preferences of the recipient is certainly that would meet applauded. 
If you want to buy some accessories for appliances and equipment (computer, sewing machine, camera) must make sure that brand and model number of the device, which will be the primary purchase these pieces to him so as to ensure that they are appropriate and compatible with him. 
Packaging gift final stop 
After the earlier stages of choosing an appropriate gift for the recipient and interests and then planning to purchase and related notes to be the last stop is how packaging is a personal touch that reflects the sender and sometimes convergence in recognition of the receiver as much as equivalent to delight the gift itself. It is not reasonable to restrict ourselves to traditional methods of packaging such as paper color and special funds, preferably try innovation in the container that we will put out the gift as well as the materials used in the packaging This would add fun and thrill and increase the desire of the receiver in the open to see what's inside. There are many new and innovative ideas for gift wrapping .... 
Madam can you keep any boxes or cans are available to be beautiful you have to be used in the packaging of gifts. You can recycle old cards that Taatgaynha occasions and it cut the graphics and use them to decorate the cans non-painted or colored. 
To impart a romantic tinge to gift you can format the wholesale bouquet of flowers so that the enclosure containing the gift is an essential part of this format. 
From simple ideas that do not cost too much packaging gift half a kind of colored paper and packaging the other half another type, but in line with the color and the use of colored stripes to collect some sections with a harmonious and innovative. 
Is a small colored pieces of wood suitable for decorating the funds allocated for gifts and you can get them from shops specializing in crafts. 
If the gift set pieces rather than a single unit you can buy a beautiful basket Madam and arrange these pieces inside and wrapped Balselovan and decorated with colorful ribbons. 

Buy gifts online 
And if you, dear reader, who do not find in the shopping fun because you do not have enough time, or because you do not like the curfew in the market you can buy gifts and present them to those you love and you are sitting in your home or office in front of a computer screen, and through the many sites that offer sales service direct through the network .. and inevitably you will find what you like and where will the gift to the receiver on time 
Finally, we hope that we have been successful in help our readers learn how to choose the appropriate gift, do not hesitate and seized the first opportunity pass you to give gifts to those who love it is a message thin is fraught with many meanings of love and intimacy and help to deepen the social bonds between friends and family. The Me of our religion family relations, social and accorded great attention and confirmed by Mustafa peace be upon him said: (Thedua love one another). If you want, dear reader, that 
Those around you feel the extent of their interest introduced them a simple gift it is the clearest demonstration of the harbor. 

Gift Ideas .... 

Of course the gift is usually served on special occasions and holidays ... in marriages and healing from disease and other .... 
And vary according to the gift relationship between you and the person Mahdi him, and by age and place and occasion. 

Gift rules: 

Afford pleasure to the person Dedicatee. 
Atkhtari for the gift by your personal taste, but Take care tendencies consignee, and his hobbies and something he loves his SEND something you do not love him. 
Not guide people gift can not attribute it to you or the equivalent value is given to you so Tsain the Mahdi him instead Tsrih and Tgrahin sense and dignity. 
Tstjla not to send the gift Wait a timely manner. 
Atkdma gift for immediate or next day to someone you Leonine known in the day before because of this Edel thanked the creature but like Tuwenh right and this is not worthy. 
Not guide perfumes if Ttakda of perfume he loves Dedicatee because the perfume is very personal choice. 
Do not forget to erase the price of the gift, do not you talk about price or its beauty and originality Mahdi in front of him. 
Padre thanking the guides you by telephone or in writing on the same day. 
Ideas for Hdia: 

Choose colors and floral scent to suit Dedicatee. 
Biscuit and Food. For example, in the holidays or at parties success. 
Clothing, especially for children. 
Silverware and crystal. 
Gift fit to work. 
Trfiqin card and you write them and where appropriate a word of thanks or congratulations.

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