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Indeed defined brands and their standards. 
First: the definition: It is not easy to define the truth and to Achtla meaning of philosophical perception to visualize philosophical another, and from one area to area, and from one culture to another culture, and this leads to a diversity of knowledge and the multiplicity limit ourselves to the following: 
1 - When linguists: launches the essence or self, achieve any thing what the thing is what it is, 
2 realists: matching perception (judgment) of reality, as we say that the truth matching perception of the world of things. 
3) When Almnatqh athletes: is it possible in the mind that is not peppered with contradiction, and in other words, is the matching results of the premises can also be premises itself by forcing the mind to abide by said "Leibniz": {{When was the truth glad, you are able to know causes returned to gloss and Facts simpler ones until you reach the facts first.}} and the facts are the first priorities and principles of mental health. 
4) in the terminology of philosophers: the object is described Stability and absolutism (as God and goodness) with a cut of who else. 
Secondly kinds: the truth is divided into three categories. 
The absolute truth: What is the maximum aspire philosopher or wise, and beyond what can attainable by reason or intuition. When Plato considered the truth is in the world of ideals, which represents the world of immortality and the world right. And moral virtue requires to get rid of the world of the yard in search of the truth absolute in the world epitaxial. 
As Aristotle absolute truth is the "engine" that is not moving, which is "God." 
2) Facts relative is confined to the scientific facts, because the latter expresses the stable relationships between phenomena formulated legal formulations, and the latter are subject to rejection and change than overshadowed by the character of relativity. 
And relative language "is related to other, meaning that the relative stops presence on the other, and making scientific facts is the fact that the induction of Moduaaat scientific eluted open, proved to scientists seeking the truth relative, and for this he said," Claude Berna response "must be convinced that we do not have the necessary relationships between things, but there is a lot or a little rough, and that the theories that we have is far from representing the hard facts) 0.3) Facts Dhukip: a feeling that seizes upon reaching mystic divine absolute truth, he draws upon his knowledge of God upside this is done through the yard. confluence or by the presence of the Creator, and is detected by or "taste" also known intuitively, in order to attain happiness cruelty. 
4 facts between absolute and relative: a philosophical truths, they draw on the credibility of the social reality., And psychological and reflective 
Thirdly scales: "criticize metrics fact depending on the fields and the philosophy of the owners, was sometimes matching the mind of the experience, and also considered the clarity and obviousness, and there are those who consider it is the object of absolute, so it is a measure of truth to the pragmatists is beneficial and has existentialists is the human self, and clarity to the rationalists. 
A) a measure of clarity fact synthetic) went some philosophers, such as 'Descartes. Spinoza' to the referee honest work in his life standard of honesty and clarity. He contended 'Descartes' that obviousness is Maaaralamtalegah which is not shrouded in doubt. And finish to his case famous: "I think So, I exist. "and take it to the things that we envision a vision of great clarity and excellence are correct, where he says:" I suspect, but I can not doubt it is that I doubt that doubt thinking, "In this sense adds," Spinoza, "that there is no standard outside of the fact that the truth, so that there can not be anything more clarity and certainty of the idea sincere, fit to be the standard idea sincere. 
B) - a measure of benefit: Some of Albergmattin such as: "Pierce, James, Dewey," so considered that the judgment be honest, but if it leads to the benefit of the process, so Valmnfh is the only measure of sincerity, so that says "Pierce": "The truth is measured by the standard of work product, the idea that any plan or project to work for him and not a fact in itself, "as it is considered to know the truth but the truth of the results should be noted, because it is what leads to success is real. 
C) - a measure of the presence of the same: see existential with "cover" to the field of truth is a human being diagnosed in the presence of sensory, and the fact that rights are in accomplishing what it is, and determine their own destiny, and the truth is the practice of the experiment, which combines life and death and the resulting anxiety, and pain. 
Comment: The Return of the clarity of the truth makes them resort to self-standard, they become subject to the clarity and breeding rights and intellectual inclinations and trends, 
- If Erdjanaha to measure the benefit it leads to a blurring of the truth, but to conflicting and contradictory, and mocks the truth to the interests of the individual. 
- The truth is wider than the view of the existentialists because it must take into account the social dimension of the human being as a social organism, living with other women with must be observed. 
2): If the relative pursue absolute truth does absolute truth "relative" is the other?: 
What is the absolute truth, given to the same? Does nature change if we accepted the realities of a relative? Will maintain their privacy if the original findings of our understanding to carry? 
First, the characteristics of the absolute truth: the absolute language 'is Almaatari all being, which, as well as full and complete what is intended in the tribal, and corresponds to the relative, 
The idiomatically: science beyond nature, which is the name of something that does not depend on the existence and envisioned something else because raison d'être of the same, and the most important characteristics: any of the most important characteristics which distinguished them the absolute truth is that they are: 
Devoid of any restrictions and blackberries, they are independent does not need to ills for its existence nor to any limits of time and place, as it is not linked to the provisions of the rights and perceptions, and its real beyond the world of the certificate, as it is considered a principle and end at the same time, is also the supreme good desired by the wise men and the people of curiosity and taste, it is also located what is there, that is the absolute truth, which is independent of the self. 
Second, the relative and prosecution of the Absolute: If the absolute refers to is located in the same, and the same, and self-contained, the relative refers to what depends for its existence on the other, except that the selection principled Absolute is deprivation, because the perception of a party man is the perception of the party object restricted limits temporal spatial and cultural concepts, and human knowledge between the self and knowledgeable subject known as the human mind to try to understand why we put the absolute two possibilities either be an absolute truth and no hope in the realization of the party is aware of, or be aware of it passes the perceived relative to absolutism. The fact that talking about philosophers fall under the formats philosophical certain, and that is what makes them the facts in line with their beliefs and the requirements necessary logical which makes them change of format philosophical to another one, including the truth is not understood by the mind is not aware and do not hunch and fled market because they are things subjective, relative and the relative can not be aware of the absolute. 
3) - in this case, not be confused with the fact the truth? Any reality this?: 
What is fact and what Majalth diverse? Is it corresponds to the truth or confused them? And the role of rights in determining the nature of each one of the parties? 
First, the definition of reality intended to highlight the diversity of nature and the area: the word varies according to interpretations of the fact that we take on, either in public or in the philosophical question: on the year: - paired human existence, we say that this thing is real because it exists. 
-: The pairing us actually no different in reality two, which could prove his sensory or experimentally. 
In a philosophical question: which is the outside world also extends to our minds and our senses, and is characterized by our understanding of him as if they were real indeed. 
It follows from this, that actually is the source of our judgments estimate, any images to be perceived fully reflect what actually 
The reality is that there things kind presence independent of any self-knowledgeable with no income for the unthinkable, and the advantage of the characteristics and specifications including: 
- That the field is independent of the self-conscious and can attain the objective 
- It is the first source and final Achtibar hypotheses and justify our judgments mental 
- That the alarm clock is driven to discover the truth, the applicability of thought with the sensory world and experimental. 
Secondly, a correlation truth of reality: This shows the correlation in two forms: 
1) juxtaposition: The idea of ​​the truth of reality linked to the idea of ​​reality and it shows through the two-way: - the direction the pilot who makes the truth reflective of reality 
- Ideal direction that makes the perfect reality-based hard 
2) confusion: therefore shall distinguish between fact, in itself, and indeed in ourselves, and indeed in ourselves appears in two cases: - case reflects the objective reality as we see it, or as we perceive, - The case reflects the "reality", the reality in which we live internally, that is, confusion occurs between what is in ourselves and what is found in a perfect world: It is here, 
♪ by Al_husaan become reality reflect the objective reality (sensory) inversely completely so that the applicability of reality is reality, any image as a rigid, which stabilizes the shapes and the second continues to live in his movements. Becomes what he sees as a real person that is the truth. 
♪ The Idealists such as "Plato, Descartes," the truth is in agreement with our knowledge of the facts, who diagnosed him the ideal of the wise minds 
Thirdly - Human between truth and reality: The reality is the reality of things, and the truth is the fact that individuals, arrested for the truth is the freedom to by "Heidegger," The pursuit of absolute truth remains is relatively between individuals every seen by his tendency philosophical, even absolute truth, which is the "God" occurred around the difference between stereo and Manzah 
Solve the problem: the problem of finding the facts that seeks to keep them as human facts relative to keep pursuing the absolute relative in various referred for.

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