السبت، 26 يوليو 2014

There was a young man getting ready to graduate from the university. The likes sports car with a beautiful gallery car dealer and he knew that his father has enough money to buy him, told him that the car is all it wants. When graduation day approached, the young man waited for signs of buying that car by his father. 

His father called him on the morning of graduation to his own office. His father told him how proud of him and how much I love it. The father gave his son a gift wrapped in a box. Young sparked curiosity at first, but the hope would be defeated in the end, when he opened the box and found a book. 

The anger of the young man and his father raised his voice in the face and said, "Despite everything that has the money you gave me a book?" Went out of the house infused with anger after leaving the book in his father's office. 

The young man did not call his father for a long time. The years passed and the young man succeeded in his work and owned a beautiful house and a wonderful family, but realized that his father was too old to go to him he thought. Son has not seen his father since graduation day that anger in it. Before he could make arrangements to visit his father, received the news of his death and that the commandment to leave him everything he owned. 

Go to the house of the young man and his father immediately. When he arrived at the house, sudden sadness and helplessness immersion remorse his heart. The young man began looking for important papers between his father and found that the book is still new as he left some years ago. Bdmuah and pounding, the young man opened the book and began to turn the pages. Suddenly, a car key dropped from the circumstance poster to the rear of the book. Found the young man on the key name merchant who owned those sports car that wanted it, and was on the paper that came with the key date of graduation and marked "paid the price in full."

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