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Keep in mind that between the dangers threatening the Arab nation and the dialectical relationship of the gray areas are difficult to read too grainy maps alliances and conflicts in the region accurately 
But what might have been blurred in the past lifted Atemth recently with a series of events, attitudes and consensus between the forces seem at first glance incompatible with intertwined hands under the table, and the picture seems more evident than ever before as evidence crammed before the curtain comes down eventually. 
Conflicts often take us to a place other than that we want, and analyzes of the political scene is the same thing; where lead to believe sometimes that looking at the slow pace of action the U.S. is kind of its rush, or is synonymous familiar reliance upon, and therefore one finds himself driven to the importance of distinguishing between analysis of the situation, and falling into the polarization which may deem Quitters made ​​an emergency landing in the area, and do not find themselves independents Mhdodin him, no, but they see some sort of defeat or postpone the voluntary choice of slavery. 
And really, no correlation at all between the warning of the danger of what, and another call, but it is worth studying is what entails the exposure of the picture now, of the need for alignment of the Arab and Islamic project has become a forced out of the circle partition and disassembly according to the agendas were becoming two similar in their objectives by far. 
It was a pioneer that crystallized vision compatibility western Iran, and perhaps Russia from behind the curtain as a sign of the flow of water on the agenda of political consensus pragmatic expected, which may have been warning him minority vigilance, including the resulting clearer picture of the misery of the Arab scene Almahl, and its opposite, was talking about the conflict caricatured by its shape heralded by the masses of "intellectuals" tanker forced the nation to the concepts of anesthetic for Iran's relationship with the West, which in turn contributed to the absence of Arabs from the vision scene into sound. 
Now, we address the question of the relationship of Americans to what is happening in the north of Yemen, we can not deduct this part of the map from the other Arab and Islamic region, who find the United States bridges afford to meet with Iran in most of the goals, and the walls of turning them into each other, or according to visualize the last , Washington thinks they need to hire Iran in the region until some point, then dealt with another do not pay it out of the equation, but narrows the movement, and thus you see now is more of a knife used in biting the cake, but a junior partner where in order to provide the domestication of the region than at the lowest bill of blood Bank. 
The issue of the use of leaves U.S. now to persuade Tehran to take certain policy may become Mghaza many of their loss is no indication of these pressures as reflected in that vast expanse that stretches where Iran today, and the issue that we will have later, God willing, is that what draws attention in into terrorism Houthi and its extensions is the following: 
First: the reluctance of the United States to benefit from any evidence provided by Sana'a condemns Tehran internationally, at least at the level of pressure on the latter, which means that Washington does not want to even use the "allegations" of Yemen so to speak in the "blackmail" of Tehran, which is raises a big question mark; Vsnaa declared more than once that they have evidence of Tehran's involvement in the terrorist attack on the armed forces in Saada, through several attempts disclosed Yemen to send weapons from Iran to the terrorists through the vessels have been seized off the coast of Yemen, some of which led to the arrest of Iranians already on board one of them, which was confirmed by a spokesman for the Yemeni government Lozi Hassan said in remarks broadcast by the official Yemeni news agency SABA, (27/10/2009) when he said that "the security services have arrested five Iranians who were on board a suspicious Iranian ship loaded with weapons off the coast of Midi in Hajjah province, "which is the way neighboring province of Saada, which is a natural extension of the expected expansion of the terrorist al-Huthi to gain access to the Red Sea, and wholesale; the head of the National Security Council Ali Mohammad Al-Ansi, Director of the Office of the President of Yemen, on the sidelines of the Manama Dialogue:" The arms ship seized by Yemen in October going to Huthi was Iranian, and there are signs that it was coming from Eritrea. "
Second: As a complement to that statement; these words in fact did not raise Americans who are heavily in the southern Red Sea to observe the behavior of the Iranian ships, and to monitor what is going on in the port of Massawa, Eritrea where you are cut off Iranian naval, despite the accusation of Eritrea itself to support pro-base in Somalia by Western security circles, which would have opened the eyes of Americans and Westerners in general, especially on maritime activity in the harbor and the movement of ships to and from it, and the nature of their cargo. 
Thirdly: that striking more, after the leak of intelligence information Egyptian and Arab quoted by the Middle East London (13/12/2009) for "Egyptian sources and Arab, asked not to be identified because of the sensitivity of its location, and the fact that this information is derived from intelligence sources reliable," according to what is stated in the newspaper stating that "high-level secret meeting recently held inside Yemeni territory between official Iranian Revolutionary Guard and the leaders of Hezbollah and the Houthi rebels in Yemen in order to coordinate joint operations and develop a plan to escalate the military situation on the Saudi-Yemeni border," 
Arguing that "the meeting, which was monitored by the intelligence services of Arab and Western (in November), such as the most dangerous Iranian move at all on the line of the military operations launched by the Houthis both inside Yemeni territory or on the Saudi-Yemeni border", which is "the most prominent evidence of Iran's involvement in direct support of the Houthis financially and militarily and logistically. ".. 
After all this; Washington is not politically nor the media commented on that information, although those sources have expressed astonishment of the American attitude to the fact that "the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (HCV. Aye. Er) was aware of the details of this meeting through its relations with several other devices interested in the region. "According to the newspaper, which also raises suspicion not because Washington was not sure of the credibility of that information, but because they have not exploited, but not quick to deny and to embarrass those of its allies and exonerating the Iranians, 
It is in any case is not obliged to those were not her desire to distance itself from the conviction of the Iranians and even beyond that to give them an instrument of acquittal, expressed by Jeffrey Feltman, Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs from within Arab borders the same when he said in a regional security conference in Bahrain held last December: "Many of our friends and partners who spoke to us about the possibility of foreign support for the Houthis, we have heard theories Iranian support for the Houthis (..) Quite frankly, we do not have independent evidence on this subject." The official said the U.S. "preach" the allies, saying: "The sectarian nature of the conflict should not inflate," calling on all parties to contain the conflict in Yemen! (BBC 11/12/2009). 
Fourth: You must read the reaction of Americans also about the attack on the territory of a state nature special, not just say it is a member of the United Nations is not as central, but it's more a state supplying the United States with oil / lifeline Americans, namely Saudi Arabia, the largest oil exporter in the world, and the pivotal state in the most important areas in the world for any acquisition that region to more than two-thirds of the world's oil, 
Reaction, which was expected from the Americans is much larger than that statement dim and mysterious spokesman for the U.S. State Department Ian Kelly when he expressed "concern about the United States about the expansion of violence to the Yemeni-Saudi border," and "urged the parties concerned to protect the lives of civilians," according to Radio Sawa November 6 last year, upping the proverb about that "there can be no military solution to the long-term in the conflict between the Yemeni government and the rebels." 
If we multiply the male derogation from the conflict in Yemen;, the United States has been concerned now talking about outright aggression on a country that has common interests with them; What a dumb Americans?! 
Fifth: the failure of human rights organizations, Western-known association with devices intelligence of her country, especially the United States to condemn or even to investigate the information, accused the Houthis of committing war crimes related to the use of civilians as human shields and forced to engage in combat and terrorize women and children, which is overflowing its pages YouTube and rebounds newspapers and websites Yemeni different, including surprising about the reasons for this omission and its significance, 
They also did not carry permit, a military source told the Middle East (12/12/2009) that "the Saudi forces were able to rid the Yemeni women Astkhaddmhen Houthis as human shields," seriously and attention, at least the equivalent of what is authorized by the official views Darfur rebel for example! The password corresponding to suggest that the humanitarian problem caused by terrorism, al-Huthi are the responsibility of the Yemeni government, and then boot from foreign interference Bdhiriatha. 
What can be deduced from such things as follows: 
1 United States does not see that there is evidence of Iran's involvement in supporting the Houthi aggression on Saudi Arabia and Yemen. 
2 do not consider Washington to the Houthis as a terrorist movement, according to the classification of Yemen, and see them as official accounts Arabia Kmtzllin, but you see them in the range of Yemen "rebels" At home, Saudi, look at the penetration of the border that "the expansion of violence to the Yemeni-Saudi border," and can in this context included exile, former ambassador to Britain in Sanaa Francis Jay for Houthi charge of terrorism, three years ago specifically as reported by the Middle East, then confirmed, "It can not be said that Hussein al-Huthi and his group are terrorist elements, because they did not engage in any acts of violence against civilian targets, they may pose a threat to the system and not to America or Israel. "
3 advises the U.S. administration not to "inflate" sectarian nature, and are therefore introducing it to the local space exhibitions and exonerate him implicitly Iran. 
4 do not find Washington felt compelled to demand of the Security Council adopt a resolution to prosecute the leaders of the militia, the Houthis, like the leaders of the Janjaweed, for example, in Darfur; well as to allude to the responsibility of Tehran's leaders about what is happening in the villages of Saada, probably because they do not find a problem already affecting civilians and the use of forced in the war for the regime in Sanaa. 
5 publicly at least, not more than Washington, "urged the parties concerned to protect the lives of civilians", which obliges it neutrality towards those "parties", which is itself what is read from the feelings of "anxiety" of the fighting, which should not last long, according to U.S. official . 
6 did not issue a final report on the United States to the effect that they know that the Houthis had penetrated the Saudi border, and therefore it looks like they do not know whether Houthis assailants or the victim them within the borders of Yemen by Saudi forces; no position clear her shows its support for Saudi Arabia or condemnation to them, and the same thing for the Houthis. 
7 Almost all the statements issued by a spokeswoman for the American side, "Al-Qaeda" as a threat to Yemen, but they do not see that in contrast Houthis represent the same thing, thus maintaining double standards about the "rebel movements" so to speak, of course, the strongest signal Houthis. 
8 silent the United States from the threat implicit launched by the Iranian foreign minister against Saudi Arabia and Yemen together, apparently, when it warned of the consequences of "suppressing" the Yemeni people by launching military campaigns, saying that "trying to pour oil on the fire of sedition would not be immune from the flames and enter the smoke in his eyes. though financial support and armaments to the extremists and to deal with people in a manner oppressive entail consequences are very serious, "and showing its" Iran's willingness to cooperate in order to solve the problems of Yemen ", which is interpreted by a Yemeni intervene blatant interference in the internal affairs of him, and in the Gulf threatened to Yemen and Saudi Arabia at the time of repressing it Iranian authorities "reformers" Iranians and kill dozens of them. 
Where the United States permission of terrorism Houthi?! More importantly, the question is where to find the nearest Washington itself, A to Tehran or Riyadh?! In fact, the brief phrases to Robert Baer, ​​an expert of the CIA, would meet for those aspiring to answer, including a full appetite knowledge; man has expressly said: "We will give Iran's influence in Afghanistan and Pakistan, and support them economically. America then ally themselves with Tehran, and will switch all its alliances earlier in the Gulf and will turn Crescent Shiite circle Shia in the Middle East (...). course it circle Shiite stretches in Iran, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Gaza and the West Bank, Yemen and the Gulf States and everywhere. would not stop one of Iran's progress to extend the influence. whether one can stop the rain from the sky!! It saucepan. Barack Obama middle name (Hussein) .. he identifies with the Shi'ites (...) It is not Ibn Taymiyyah "(Journal of the Arab world 4/11/2009). If not officially told the man, but he detector and dangerous being in line with what is produced by the events of the data and conclusions. 
In fact, there is nothing new in the speech Bear, but in its release him; situation is taken by Washington of Huthi stand his shoes with the militia of Iran in Iraq, and it's not so, but not just this much about "procedure nihilistic" which was carried out about Iran's occupation of the well loose change Iraqi , in the vicinity of the subunits and the rules of the United States in Iraq, and not far from the cut Navy in the Gulf, and an interview with Gen. David Petraeus, commanding general of the military Command of U.S. Central for the success of his country's forces to reduce the "leakage of foreign fighters across the Syrian border of the upper limit was 110 fighters in month to less than a dozen fighters now. "Very funny to point ignored in return for open borders between Iraq and Iran to the extent permitted to cross the tens of thousands of "pilgrims" to Karbala and other unsanctioned, for example, that in addition to the division of influence in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the silence of the United States for the bloody repression carried out by the Tehran against its political opponents, religious and nationalist demonstrates that Washington does not want to inconvenience the old new ally / Iran, after Brotha across 14 intelligence apparatus of the charge of seeking to convert its nuclear industry and to project a nuclear bomb. 
Washington, which ranged in the use of leaf pressure on the nuclear file at a time burns when Tehran time towards the implementation of its first nuclear test, between the use of weapons the United States varied in the corridors of the Security Council, namely the statements that "Washington's patience is running out," or that "Washington began patience is running out "or that" the time in front of Tehran is running out ", and of course all of this threat of sanctions futile Tehran has said repeatedly that it does not affect them, did not expect to make something that opponent of terrorism Houthi in Yemen if he was against Saudi Arabia itself, which maintains her excellent relationship, simply put, because Iran is a scarecrow next phase, which is the tool that will be out by the dismantling of the region, and the isolation of the future dangers for the United States. 
We have issued a security center for the New American interested in issuing reports and research supports the interests and values ​​of America in the twentieth of November last year, according to the Washington Report article titled: "On the Edge: instability of Yemen and the threat to American interests to the researchers, Andrew Exum and Richard Fontaine, finding them" to be the deteriorating situation in Yemen and its implications for American interests is pushing the United States to give more attention to what is happening in Yemen, "but before you go suspicions us Mazanha and some conjecture sin, remedied the article that" does not mean to take this interest form of large-scale military as happened in Afghanistan and Iraq, but to follow a comprehensive strategy mated where among several elements, including: support for counter-terrorism, development aid, diplomatic pressure, and move forward on the path of reconciliation. ".. any effort for the fight against al-Qaeda, and another for providing limited assistance to Yemen, and pressure in return .. then the most dangerous: the path of reconciliation between "state" and "terrorism" .. and perhaps peace envoy!! 
It is the truth that must be understood by the Arabs before the crying of Granada ..

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