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Psychologists believe that 60% of communication and communication between people are in a non-verbal ie through gestures and nods and symbols, not by speech and tongue (It is said that this method is high-impact forces, the strongest five times the impact that words) .. 

Depending on the gestures and symbols Aahath and not on his words 

** May not say a man to a woman he loved 

The ** does not say is that his gestures worthy but says that it most eloquently speak of 

These are some of the gestures and nods that occur in our daily lives and may not be aware of the significance or psychological effect that causes her 

For example: 

- Hand touching the face while you talk is linked lying 

The same applies when you touch the nose during speech 

- Some have resorted to touch the ear when questioned said the words in front of them 

- In the case of the wrath of women tend to stare in the eyes of the man trying to reassure him. 

But if he did so with another man, perhaps counting it kind of threat not true loyalty?? 

- When the meeting is held as an institution or management director and cast an occasional joke, we find that both 

Present faking fake smile clearly show the muscles in the corners of his mouth that pulls 

And loosen in the direction of the top real smile in the muscles of the eyes are shrinking parties also 

- If the woman pinned her hands are soft it indicates openness to the surrounding air 

- When some people shake their heads in reference to the support and attention, we find that the person speaker increases the speed of his words. 

- Indicates tangle while slowing down the arms and eyes flutter to boredom or lack of consent 
What makes the speaker is likely to slow down in his 

- To be in close proximity Alahaman it means that the speaker rational and cream and cultured and can cope with the general conditions 

- When some people are being defined to each other shows the level of interest expressed 

His eyelids flutter eyes increased from 18 times to more than 25 times per minute 

- We share with others who do not know them almost cold liquids because they are ready and do not require time 

- Share the hot liquids people friendly relationship with us stronger, because they need to be prepared for the biggest time. 

Is this why we offer the hospitality of hot drinks to people who 

We share their intimacy and affection. Perhaps for this reason, too, is to make any drink other than hot coffee 
Guest kind of cynicism that feels a little cooler if the receiver did not give him coffee exclusively 

- Put your hands on the table toward the speaker, this person as a call for the formation of an intimate relationship. 

- Preferably one that goes after entering the market or shops to the right because it will 

Uses his right hand and feel the strongest Balanscherah If lanes wide while feel 

Upset if these passages are narrow and so the owners of stores trying to implement these desires as 

Putting goods expensive in the right direction and in the vast corridors must also be 

The goods are in dealing with the customer because it usually does not buy any commodity is not untouched by the hand, and a pen 

One of us buys a commodity that read "No Touch" 

- When the hand gesture associated with these open honesty and undergo 

- In the event that the arms Mtsalaptan, it means that the person is the status of defensive negative 

- Deliberately fast food restaurants for the propagation of acute and vivid colors such as red and yellow 

So that the customer does not feel comfortable and sit too long in the restaurant 

- When the woman sitting on a chair in front of the little curved bearing her hands on her legs it is 

Evidence of the need for care in order to provoke the person corresponding to raise the cost 

- The man who sits in a chair with his hand on the back of another chair it indicates that he 

His partner need to be sitting near him .. for his sympathy flooded 

- The right eye wink, it means that a rational man, and systematic. 

While the left eye wink meaning that human emotional instincts and has a sense of offset 

All the available research shows that body language is the most important part of any message transmitted to 

If the other person is between (50-80%) of the information can be transferred this way and that 

The message is transmitted orally are rich and complex in nature and contain expressions 

Face and the proximity of the person the speaker, and the movements of the hands and feet, and a person's clothes speaker and his looks, and tension, and emotions and so on. 

And there are important factors 

Can your body to say what you want him? 

Can you explain the language of the bodies of others? 

And it is useful to join one to the scientific workshop about how to analyze and discover misleading signals to the body language. 

Here are some things you can try it: 

Start paying attention to the language of the conscious objects where people can watch TV for ten minutes with the sound completely hide. 

Without some observations from the language of the bodies of people loved and respected and Almsmoaan: 

- How are standing or sitting? 
- What kind of expressions that have? 
- What to do their hands, and their feet? 
- What kind of looks they own? 
- What are the non-verbal means that they own? 
- Do they act contrary to the language of their bodies positive Does this affect them? 

Start to act on the language of the bodies positive for those who love, respect, and people will begin to others given to you differently than in the past. 

Eyes alone transcends all languages ​​and invade every forts Vtltaki in a moment to tell at a glance what unspeakable tongue and sneaks into the depths of the soul to tell her very own and very sincere, 

They do not know the language of lying or hypocrisy ... the language is not a language but a mirror reflecting the net directly all the feelings and reveal secrets ... 

1 - Al Ain: 

Gives you one of the biggest keys to personal massage really what's going on in the mind than in front of you, you will know through his eyes what he thinks the fact 
If widened pupil seemed apparent that the evidence he had heard nothing from you just pleased, but if fed pupil 

The reverse is what happened, and if his eyes narrowed probably indicates that you told him something, and if not believed. 

Turned his eye to the top of the right, it creates a picture of futuristic fantasy And if a particular Turn 

To the upper left it remembers nothing of his past relationship with reality, which is where and if consideration 

Speaking to the bottom of it with the same feelings and the newly private and consult in the same subject. 

2 - eyebrows: 

If you raise one eyebrow and the one that indicates that you told him something that he either does not believe him, or he deems impossible, 

The raising both eyebrows this indicates surprise. If the pole between his eyebrows with a smile 

Light it you wonder, but does not want to repeat, and if Akzpk eyebrows move it dazzled 

And is amazed by the waves of speech and your words on the intervention of his brain more than the form of 

3 - the nose and ears: 

If rubbing his nose or passed his hands over his ears while pulling on them tells you that he understands what you want it 

Means that puzzled about what you say it is likely he did not know at all what you want him to 

He does. And placing the hand over the lip, nose, unfortunately, evidence that the attic hiding something from you afraid to show it 

4 - brow person: 

If you sulk and bowed his head to the ground in a frown, it means that puzzled or confused, or he does not like to hear what I have just said, but if you sulk and submit it to the top of this indicates his surprise when he heard you. 

5 - Shoulders: 
When a person shakes his shoulder means that he does not care what she says. 

6 - fingers: 

We recognize the person with his fingers on the arm of the seat or the office refers to the nerve 
7 - When a person patted his arms on his chest. 

It means that this person is trying to insulate himself from the others, or indicates that he is already afraid of you. 
Seven of these signals give you an idea about body language and how it can be used to highlight the strength 
Your personality and find out what others think of him in spite of their attempts to hide it

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